Frequent questions

Receptions and deliveries outside Chile.
Can I get a vehicle in Argentina and return it in Chile?

Yes, you are paying the Delivery elsewhere and the value of the lease, leaving the corresponding guaranteeand signed credit card upon receiving the vehicle.

Can I visit Argentina from Chile with a car?
Yes, it is possible to visit Argentina, besides other South American countries. Permits and paying the charges agreement need to be signed.

Is the tax included in the price?

Yes, it is included.

Are you including the value of the daily damage insurance?

Yes, this includes the value of insurance on the price of the lease.

Is the insurance coverage unlimited?
No, it is limited by damage, national or international civil responsibility, except that the contractor pays the lease credit card that includes additional coverage for vehicle leasing in foreing countries

Is it possible to waive deductible?
For customers of American Express & Visa that proxy own additional coverage on the credit card and that have requested to hire not only insurance payment journal.

Are you including theft coverage in Argentina?
No, the insurance companies do not offer this coverage for rental vehicles.

What is U.F.?
It is a unit of measure of money that includes inflation in Chile.
It is used in transactions of short, medium and long term. By A.F.P. for the payment of retirements or pensions, the insurance market and home purchases.

Recurring damage.
What if the frontal Windshield breaks?

If the windshield its original and had no damage when leaving, will be charged the replacement and installation.

What if a tire is broken?
In case of breaking of a new tire or gently used, you will be charged the replacement and installation, unless an exemption has been agreed (available for passengers with additional coverage on your credit card).

Can I pay by cash?

Yes, you can pay in Chilean pesos, Argentine pesos, dollars, euros.

Can I pay the rent with a credit card?
Yes, we accept all credit cards.

Can I pay the deductible for damages with credit card?
Yes, we accept all credit cards.

Do I make the police report if there is an accident?

Yes, it is necessary for insurance coverage.

Who should I call in case of an accident?
First. In case of a major accident with injuries and damage, please call the police in the country where you are and require authorized copy of the police report.
Second. Inform the Rental Company about the incident promptly and / or as soon as possible after the event.

What is the email address to book?

booking email:

Is the rate in pesos or dollar?
Usually we inform the Chilean peso rate, to have a benchmark, check and add CLP in the box for conversion.

Visits abroad.
To visit Argentina, do I have to do the papers on my own?

All documents to leave the country and return is provided by the leasing, permit, customs clearance, International Liability insurance.

Does it cost anything at the border?
Yes, you. Is a US citizen, Canadian or Australian, it will be required in migration Argentina proof of payment of the fee of reciprocity, visit

It is recommended to have an international license to visit Chile?
Yes, it is recommended. It's better if you do.

Can I drive with my country's license in Chile and Argentina?
Yes, it is important to carry the license from your own country of origin.

Can I drive with a photocopy of my license?
NO, lacking legal value.
It is obligatory thar you have national and international license respectively.